Two THC Detox Kits That Really Work

If you need to pass a drug test or want to get THC out of your system for any other reason, your best option is to use a marijuana detox kit.

Which products work? Which ones should you avoid? These decisions are important since using the wrong product could result in a failed drug test. Read on to learn more about the methods to avoid and the THC detox kits that really work.

Why 2 to 5 Days Permanent THC Detox Is a Scam

When you need to detox your body from THC, one of the things you might look for is fast results. Unfortunately, there is no way to flush marijuana out of your system within a few days. Any product that claims otherwise isn’t worth your money.

Consuming marijuana exposes your body to different cannabinoids. Drug tests can detect these cannabinoids in your saliva, blood, urine, hair, and fingernails. However, a majority of drug tests will look for the presence of THC in your urine.

Your body stores THC in fat cells. As these cells break down, THC ends up in your bloodstream and eventually makes its way to your urine after liver enzymes break it down.

Because your system stores THC in your fat cells, marijuana is one of the drugs that remain detectable for the longest amount of time. Depending on how frequently you smoke, drug tests can pick up THC in your urine from three days to up to a month after the last time you smoked.

In order to flush THC out of your system, you’ll have to break down a significant amount of fat cells, causing them to release THC into your blood. You’ll also have to boost liver activity to get higher levels of the cyp450 enzyme that breaks down THC.

If your enzyme levels are too low, your fat cells will reabsorb the THC molecules as they go through your intestine. Lastly, you’ll have to flush your bladder to eliminate any remaining traces of THC.

Products that claim they can help you detox from THC in two days are a lie. Your body can’t break down fat cells in two days.

Even if you work out and make changes to your diet, it will take days before your body starts going through your fat reserves. The human body relies on another source of energy, known as glycogen. Glycogen is a type of glucose stored in your muscles and liver for a quick boost of energy.

On average, the human body stores around 2,000 calories worth of glycogen. These reserves come from the carbs you eat.

If you stop eating carbs, it will take a day or two for your body to use its supply of glycogen. As a result, any product that claims it can help you detox from THC within two days will not work as advertised.

You also have to consider liver enzymes. In order to prevent your body from reabsorbing the THC cells released in your bloodstream, you need to boost liver enzyme production to break these molecules down. Even if you take prescription medication, it takes a few days before your liver can increase enzyme production.

Best THC Detox kits

There are two ways of passing a drug test. You can opt for a permanent detoxification kit. These kits will help you get rid of the THC stored in your fat cells through the process discussed above.

The alternative is to use a THC detox kit that will flush your bladder and lower THC levels in your urine below the detectable levels.

Best Permanent THC Detox Kit: Premium 7-Day Detox Kit

This kit offers a permanent detox solution. It’s safe to use thanks to its natural ingredients, and the proprietary blend of ingredients yields reliable results. Plus, no one will be able to tell that you used a detox kit.

This product uses ingredients like horsetail, a potent diuretic that will help you flush toxins. You’ll also find milk thistle and dandelion to boost liver health and enzyme production and barberry root bark for healthy urinary function, just to name a few ingredients.

This detox kit is ideal for passing a drug test or for removing THC from your system if you want to take a break from consuming marijuana.

How Does It Work?

This detox kit boosts your metabolism with different natural ingredients. As a result, your body will burn more fat and break down the fat cells that store THC.

It also increases liver activity to help you produce more of the enzymes that can break down the THC released into your bloodstream.

You’ll find ingredients that support urinary health so that you can flush THC molecules out of your system before your body has time to reabsorb them.

The diuretic ingredients will increase urination to help you eliminate THC waste faster.


  • This detox kit uses natural ingredients that boost your health and that are safe to consume.
  • You can get rid of THC permanently and pass a drug test.
  • Overnight shipping is available, and you’ll get this product in discreet packaging.
  • Thanks to the natural ingredients, the lab that processes your drug test won’t be able to detect that you used a detox kit.
  • The kit comes with detailed instructions and information about natural detoxification so you can get results faster.

How to Use:

  • You should take the PreVale capsules 12 hours before you start the detox program.
  • For the next seven days, take one tablespoon of the detox drink each morning and night before meals.
  • For the first four days of the program, take one Fiberboost capsule a day an hour before eating.
  • Drink at least 96 oz. of water a day.
  • Follow the included meal plan for better results.
  • Don’t take any additional supplements or vitamins, and stay away from anything that could introduce more toxins into your system.

Best Same Day THC Detox Kit: Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

If you don’t have seven days to prepare for a drug test, the best alternative is to flush THC out of your bladder with the Fast Marijuana Detox kit. It comes in regular and extra strong for those who consume marijuana regularly or who weigh over 200 lbs.

This kit is ideal if you’re looking for a temporary solution. You’ll get results within a few hours and can go back to consuming marijuana after passing your drug test.

How Does It Work?

This detox kit flushes the THC out of your system with different diuretic ingredients. You’ll have to drink plenty of fluids to keep urinating and eliminate any THC stored in your bladder.

You’ve probably heard of passing a drug test by drinking plenty of water and using a diuretic. However, this method can result in a non-admissible drug test since your urine will look diluted.

With this detox kit, you’ll get ingredients that will restore the natural chemical balance of your urine. THC levels will drop below detectable levels, and no one will be able to tell that you used a detox kit.

This kit also acts by blocking the process of the fat breakdown so THC can stay in the fat cells that store it. This product also slows down liver enzyme production to prevent breaking down more THC molecules. If some fat cells release THC molecules while you use this product, your system will reabsorb these molecules, and they won’t end up in your urine.


  • One of the main benefits of this product is that you can get results fast. You can pass a drug test between one and five hours after using this product.
  • This detox kit is safe to use. It only contains natural ingredients.
  • You’ll get a combination of a detox drink and detox pills to get fast results.
  • The kit includes a test strip so you can make sure the method works.
  • This detox product includes ingredients that will restore your natural urine levels and make the detox kit impossible to detect.
  • You can get this kit delivered overnight, and you’ll get a discreet package.

How to Use:

  • Ideally, you should start two hours before taking your drug test.
  • Drink 20 oz of water and wait 20 minutes. You can then drink the bottle of QCarbo included in the kit.
  • Wait another 20 minutes and drink 20 oz of water.
  • You should urinate twice and use the test strip included.
  • If the test strip shows a positive result, take the chewable detox tablets included in the kit and drink 32 oz of water. Wait at least an hour before taking your drug test.
  • You’ll get better results if you drink plenty of fluids and urinate as much as possible. Stay away from anything that could introduce more toxins in your system, and avoid eating a large meal before using this kit.

How to Remove Weed Out of Your System Even Faster

You can get faster results and improve your chances of passing a drug test by taking a few additional steps to detox.

Tracking Your Diet and Exercise

Because fat cells store THC, reducing fat reserves means your body will be able to store less THC. Burning through existing fat reserves will help you flush your system faster and will reduce the amount of THC that can accumulate in your body in the future.

You can burn fat by:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a type of dietary supplement that contains the kind of fat you can find in dairy and red meat.

Research suggests that this supplement can help reduce fat reserves, especially in the abdomen. Plus, this supplement could reduce your appetite and help you feel full after eating smaller portions.

Euphorbiae Pekinensis

Euphorbia Pekinensis is a plant native to Asia. You can find it in some supplements. This plant can help reduce water retention and also help with flushing accumulated water out of your system. It’s a natural remedy that can improve urinary health while helping you flush THC out of your system.


Ginseng is a popular natural remedy. Taking a ginseng supplement can help with THC detox by increasing your energy levels and giving you the boost you need to work out regularly. Plus, ginseng can lower your blood sugar. Once your blood sugar reaches a healthy level, it will be easier to eat smaller portions.


Glucomannan is a source of fiber that comes from elephant yams. Taking a glucomannan supplement will improve colon health and help with transit.

It can help with THC detox because your intestines can cause your body to reabsorb THC molecules as you flush them out of your system. With faster transit, your body will not absorb as many of these molecules, and you’ll be able to detox more effectively.

Start Your Day with a Breakfast High in Protein

Eating a breakfast high in protein has several benefits. It will activate the satiety hormones, and you won’t get hungry later in the day. You’ll be less likely to eat unhealthy snacks that would increase your fat reserves.

Eating proteins early in the day will kickstart your metabolism. Your body will burn more fat and build up more muscle tissues. You’ll get the energy you need to work out if you’ve decided to be more active to detox faster. Proteins will also help with regulating your blood sugar levels.

Final Thoughts

Detoxing from THC is possible, but you can’t trust the products that claim they can help you pass a drug test within a few days. It takes a while for your body to start burning fat and flushing THC out.

We highly recommend the Premium 7-Day Detox Kit If you have enough time to follow this program. This kit is the best way to get rid of the THC stored in your system.

If you don’t have time to use this kit, we recommend the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit since this product will flush your bladder and reduce THC levels in your urine so you can pass a drug test.