4th Edition Modified Elements
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C2. Crash Classification


Subfield 1 of this element is used to identify ownership of the land where the crash occurred. Subfield 2 of this element is used to identify the characteristics of the crash with respect to its location on or off a trafficway. Refer to Appendix E Diagram of the Trafficway.
Element Attributes:

Appendix E Diagram

Subfield 1:

Public Property
Private Property
Subfield 2:

Trafficway, On Road
Trafficway, Not on Road


It is anticipated that reporting of crashes would be done within the guidelines set by State statute as well as the policies of the local jurisdiction. Definitions for the Crash Classification attributes are provided because this is a new data element that includes some terminology not previously used in the MMUCC Guideline.


The information this data element provides is used to classify the crash as being a motor vehicle traffic crash or not based on the location where it occurred. Collecting this data on the crash report allows research and resources to be targeted and countermeasures to be evaluated based on the characteristics of the crash.